Thursday, June 24, 2010

Set Sail Week One

I am currently taking an Instructional Technology class online this summer at UHCL in addition to taking the "Set Sail for Technology" ......I feel like I am totally immersed in technology this summer which is a good thing! I also have taken two sessions of "23 Things" through Spring Branch ISD in the past year....

With all that being said, I am still by no means an expert on 2.0 tools but I am so much more comfortable using them and feel like I have the confidence now to just "jump right in" when introduced to something new as far as technology goes.

I really enjoyed the video that was posted about the 21st Century Learner....I have viewed the college version of this video during the 23 Things course and really liked watching the elementary/secondary version of the video. Our students in BISD deserve to have teachers, librarians, and administrators that embrace the 21st Century movement to reach students through 2.0 tools. This is preparing them for the world they will live in! Not exposing them to these tools because of filters and blocking of websites, is doing our kids a disservice.

In taking so many graduate course in the last few years and listening to teachers and administrators from districts all across the greater Houston area talk about their schools, I am amazed to hear about all the hardware these schools use on a daily basis (interactive white boards, etc. ) and also the great projects their kids are doing using 2.0 tools. These kids are blogging, creating videos and posting them to YouTube and Teacher Tube, creating wikis, podcasting, using Skype.......the list goes on and on. I'm worried about our kids because we seem to be falling behind.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing #23

Doing "23 Things" for the second time has been more enlightening and fun than it was the first time. Last summer I was still such a "newbie" with 2.0 tools and felt pretty intimidated by them. I am feeling so much more confident and know that I can take things I've learned from playing wtih the 'things' and use them the very next day at school....not many face-to-face inservice workshops have ever claimed that.

I used Wordle today with about 150 7th graders spread out from 8-3:30 and we all had a ball. The kids liked it so much that those who have internet access at home were going to make some more at home. We even brainstormed a great idea for the kids to make one for their Mom for Mother's Day!

And that's what I have loved about participating in this - I learn new things so then I can share and teach the students and teachers at my school and open their eyes as mine have been opened about the cool things we can learn and share using technology.

1. Favorites - delicious, podcasting, rollyo I am using all 3 of these right now at school and have found them so useful. These 3 aren't blocked by my district.

2. Lifelong learning goals - I am feeling not so frustrated with technology when things don't work out instantaneously like I want them to. I used to just throw up my hands and quit - or start crying! Silly , I know but I'd get so frustrated. I'm getting better and better about feeling comfortable about all of my new tools and am actually excited about technology where I used to be fearful of it.

3. Unexpected outcome - Just being able to feel more comfortable when talking to our tech expert on campus, my husband, and others from the 'techie' world. I can actually follow along with what they're talking about when talking technology.

4.Do anything different - No! Perfect as it is!

5. Would you participate in another program - Yes! Where do I sign up?

6. One Word - Amazing! Essential for all in education! Yes, you can quote me!

This experience has convinced me more than ever that the librarians in our district need to band together and lobby our powers that be to get our district headed in the right direction as far as letting our kids use 2.0 tools.......thanks for putting this program together for us.

Thing #22

I was pretty excited about joining the Nings but once I joined some Librarian groups I got kind of disappointed because it looks like no one uses them much. I joined one group for middle school librarians and there are just a handful of members......and no one has written on it in a long while. Everyone is so busy running their library, teaching, etc. and I think people have a hard time finding even a few minutes in the day to get online and share with others professionally. I'm not sure what the solution is but Ning seems like a cool idea - just doesn't seem to be utilized much by some groups.

My husband found some Nings that fit his profession and he had never heard of them. He joined them tonight and they are very active Nings.

I can see creating a Ning for the librarians in our district where we could go online and comment about library 'stuff' in a more private way than sending email through the district. But I really feel like more people feel more comfortable picking up the telephone.

Thing #21

I have a Photo Story ready to go and am attempting to add my podcast and am having trouble with my microphone tonight.....will be running to Best Buy in the morning to purchase a new one.

Got it embedded - despite the fact that my blog is blocked in our district!

Thing #20

You Tube - I loved this book trailer! I am always on the look out for great book trailers for books my kids love......we have done Hunger Games to death this year and 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher is the new 'hot book' at my school.

Thing #19

I spent about an hour going through most of the links on the Web 2.0 Awards page.....found a lot of new and interesting sites.
I have to say my 2 favorites include one that is new to me and one I've used many times before.

You Tube is great! I have enjoyed it in the past for entertainment purposes but not have seen so many instructional videos that help explain technology through doing the '23 Things' , that I hav such a new appreciation for all You Tube has to offer! It has helped me in my job for hooking up equipment as well as for personal reasons. I have 4 dogs and my puppy, a golden retriever, has had me confused on how to bathe and clip him. Believe it or not, there is a You Tube video that shows exactly how to take care of Golden Retrievers. It just amazes me at how specific of a subject you can look for and find something to help you out!

I almost forgot - I love You Tube for book trailers. I'm addicted to watching these things and You Tube has an amazing selection. I can't show them at school on You Tube but sometimes can find through other sites.

I also discovered how much I love delicious - love the organized way to search through my Favorites and liked having them sorted in a logical way to my personal needs.

Also loved the i'm cooked video cooking sharing site.........I'm hooked on this one, too!